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0:00 Intro
1:19 About Messari
2:51 Introduction
4:59 Top 10 Narratives Of 2022
10:44 10 People To Watch In 2022
12:48 10 Bitcoin Predictions For 2022
13:45 US Regulatory Predictions For 2022
17:57 15 Crypto Market Predictions For 2022
20:15 15 NFT Predictions For 2022
22:02 15 DeFi Predictions For 2022
24:29 15 Ethereum Predictions For 2022
27:08 10 DAO Predictions For 2022
28:16 Messari’s Life Advice


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  10. My god… where do I begin. I had to stop the video and post a comment after that truly epic tweet thread (like you said)… So happy I came across this channel. Thanks for the vids. Keep it up.

    P.s. I don't know why this video made me so emotional.

  11. Great resume of the report. I read it all (well, almost, with the exception of some sections), and watching your video helped me structure my thoughts and vision of the year to come. Appreciate your work!

  12. All the world's money shall (or could) be put into Cryptos. But the money merely passes through the crypto. It is not deposited inside the Crypto. Cryptos are not Black Holes. They are Black sewer pipes.

  13. Wow, I just discovered you, I'm here from 9 am, 5 hours watching your videos, this is incredible, thank you very much and Happy new year! PS: I will read all the report, just downloaded 😉

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