My Top 10 Crypto Predictions for 2023


2023 will be a pivotal year for crypto, and these are the top 10 predictions for what I think we will see in the crypto markets.


2022 was an explosive year that started out with hope and ended in disaster. Now we find ourselves months into a crypto bear market, and everyone is waiting for some positive news. In this video, I’ll cover what crypto news I expect to see this year and how I think it could impact the crypto space.

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00:00 Intro
00:41 Prediction 1
02:23 Prediction 2
03:43 Prediction 3
06:35 Prediction 4
08:25 Prediction 5
10:04 Prediction 6
12:10 Prediction 7
15: 13 Prediction 8
16:31 Prediction 9
17:33 Prediction 10
19:38 Special Announcement

*Not financial advice*. Everything seen or mentioned in this video is for entertainment purposes only. None of these predictions are a guarantee in any way. As always, do your own research. Any investment is a risk and you can lose money.

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