Stockpile CASH. Buying Opportunities in 2022. (Real Estate, Stocks & Bitcoin)


Now is the time to Stockpile Cash. That’s because the Bubble is about to BURST in 2022 (especially Real Estate, Stocks & Bitcoin).

Cash has performed better than the S&P 500, NASDAQ, and Bitcoin in 2022. And very soon Cash could be outperforming the Housing Market as well. That’s because the combination of Inflation, rising Interest Rates, and an impending Recession will likely send Asset Prices crashing in 2022.

The Federal Reserve and Jerome Powell is in full-scale inflation-fighting mode right now. They are hiking interest rates and tightening the money supply to fight inflation. They are doing this just as inflation-adjusted incomes in America are on the decline.

The main thing still supporting the US Economy in 2022 is Consumer Spending. Americans are financing this spending with Debt – particularly, Credit Card Debt. But as soon as this spending and credit card debt financing slows, the economy could tilt towards recession.

Roughly 80% of Americans and Small Business in America expect a Recession in 2022. With so many people expecting a downturn, this could lead to a self-fulling prophecy. And with a Recession would likely come a big Asset Price crash that sends the value of the Housing Market, Stocks, Bitcoin, and Gold down.


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  1. Excellent content! As a professional economist, it is great to see you paying attention to the main time series and relative values that matter. The 15 year federal debt bonanza has run its course and it will take a very long time to unwind this. Now, think about the debt burden relative to the improvements needed for infrastructure, energy transformation, education, etc. – because of the debt burden, progress on investments in America will be muted. This is precisely why, wealthy corps and individuals need to pay their fair share of taxes. Otherwise, no progress on the investments America desperately needs.

  2. I personally have been paying off my credit cards for the past year. I have 4 left, and I am beyond happy. I saw the signs when the pandemic was starting to cause real issues. I pretty much only purchase food and stopped buying what ever makes me happy. I am using the snowball effect. It really works, I was paying on 10 credit cards, now just 4 left. If you can pay them off!

  3. Yes, I'm definitely reducing my asset investments and directing more of my disposable income into cash and also into debt reduction. I'm a government contractor and at least under this current administration, I think the future is not so bright, short term at least, for those of us working for the military. So, more money for savings and paying down those credit cards; less money for the "nice to have" stuff.

  4. In 1972 you could buy a nice tailored men's suit for around $38 or buy it for an ounce of gold.
    Fast forward until today ; you can buy a nice tailored men's suit for an ounce of gold, but $38 will barely buy you a nice tie.

  5. Me and my wife are blessed that we suck it up and paid off our cars, credit cards, college loans and medical bills off. The only thing we have is a small morgage payment with near zero interest rate. Now we are to saving money to buy some investment properties after the crash.

  6. I agree with everything your saying except for the gold part. I think gold will raise in value. The dollar is paper money. Remember in the 70s they took the dollar off the gold standard and that was a mistakeZ since then we’ve been playing with paper money. You can make gold. You can make a dollar. Look how much money the fed has printed in the last two years. Gold is Gods money

  7. I would disagree with you concerning gold and/or silver. These assets are highly manipulated and will rise when the market begins to realize that this economy will NEVER rebound and that there is going to be a monetary collapse. I believe we will see a worldwide return to sound money backed by gold. The central banks will no longer be in control. I think you may be right about the dollar FOR NOW. The dollar will rise, then it will collapse completely.

  8. My thought on "holding cash." If your "cash" is in the bank, it isn't cash. It's numbers in a database. And you don't own it. If you can't hold it in your hands physically, you aren't holding it. You're loaning it. And you might not get it back.

  9. It may be pretty restricted in size, but we put the max allowed in IBond – which will be approx. inflation hedged and gov guaranteed – we will earn at least 5% for next 12 months. The rest is in the $$ cash as dry powder for the BIG DROP

  10. I'll tell you why I'm spending more than I can afford……it's because I don't want to pay twice as much or three times as much for the same things in 6 months… I get a second job to pay off the whimsical spending. Oddly, I only bought prep food….cases of canned goods. Am I alone here??

  11. Don't like holding cash but see your argument in holding it for the short to mid term. I have found the dip in the big tech stocks is already a nice opportunity and have been putting more in regularly. Keeping a bit more cash on hand than i usually do though.

  12. Any asset other than money can be regarded as investment that carries risk for devaluation, especially during recession. Stock? It is useful to look into the previous recessions how stocks move. Devaluation of > 50% is no exaggeration.

  13. The fin-Markets have underperformed the U.S. economy as fear of inflation hammers the prices of stocks and bonds. My $400,000 portfolio is down by approximately 25%, any recommendations to scale up my returns before will be highly appreciated.

  14. Can't save what you don't have? I get robed on hourly baises> banks state and people and law (IE-atterny no show up to court State BAR nore care) that and anyone I talk to!!!!!!

  15. All of this scheming and obsession with money is disgusting. The constant climbing over each other to get to the top is giving desperation. The egos will never be satiated. The posh exteriors will never cover up the soul-less evil inside of people. I can’t believe this is what fulfills people in their lives everyday.


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